Our company specializes in providing solutions for plastic parts across a range of industries, with a particular focus on the security industry in Israel and abroad. Equipped with advanced and sophisticated machinery and technology, we enable precise, sophisticated, and challenging manufacturing.

 One of our company’s goals is to promote and make available leading technologies through innovative designs and efficient and cost-effective manufacturing techniques. We dedicate resources and constantly monitor new developments and technologies to advance, improve, and provide the best solutions for our customers.

The technology, knowledge, and experience we have accumulated over the years, combined with our professional and experienced team, enable us to produce complex, technological, and innovative parts with high durability and quality that meet each customer’s specific needs. We utilize a variety of materials and undertake challenging injection processes that incorporate multiple disciplines to address each customer’s individual requirements.

Our quality assurance team is involved throughout the entire production process, from the inspection of raw materials to the approval of the first part, conducting meticulous tests during production, and final approval before delivery to meet our customers’ high-quality requirements.

To maintain a high level of quality assurance, our team utilizes state-of-the-art measuring instruments and innovative and technological equipment with unique and precise measurement capabilities, including two and three-dimensional optical testing.

One of our advantages over other companies in the field is that, in addition to manufacturing parts, we offer in-house mold manufacturing under one roof. This enables us to shorten mold production lead times and transport them to the factory for immediate use. We provide personalized service throughout the entire process and are present at every stage of development and production, both for the molds and the final products. The result is confidence, knowledge, understanding, and peace of mind.

In addition to manufacturing molds in Israel and China, we also offer assistance and service, as needed, for improvement, innovation, refurbishment, and repair of molds.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we emphasize service, attitude, and attentive listening to provide our customers with the required and optimal product in the best possible way. Our aspiration is to meet every challenge so that every customer is satisfied and receives the desired and required product because your success is our success.

Injection molding

Design, Development & Engineering

Mold production

Quality Assurance


Our arsenal includes a large range of injection machines, thermoset molding, and advanced technological equipment (both conventional and computer-controlled milling machines, CNC milling, EDM machines, wire cutting EDM machines for the manufacturing processes. Various measuring tools – 2D inspection system, 3D optical inspection system, and more.

All these, enable the production of complex parts, continuous monitoring of their quality, and strength of these components.

We are equipped with advanced and innovative technological equipment, including comparators, optical measuring machines, a Zeiss optical 3D measurement system with high accuracy measurement capabilities of micron-level (thousandths of a millimeter), ensuring product uniformity and precision.

We are certified with ISO 9001-2015 standard along with significant clients audits approvals. Such of RAFAEL, Elbit, Israeli weapon industry, SigSauer inc. CZ etc.

Company Profile

Ultraplast Technologies 2018 LTD is company employing some 60 workers.

The company is engaged in technical and engineering plastic products preparing molds and using injection molding and compression molding technologies.

The company manufacture complexed parts mainly glass and carbon reinforced materials, such as polyamides 6, 6.6 , 12, 6-10, 11 reinforced with 15%, 30%, 50% and up to 75% fibers, both short, long and cross linked fibers.

Long lasting relationship with world leading weapon and other manufacturer’s is evident, due to high level polymeric know how and meticulous QC processes.

The company sells its products in Israel, U.S, and Europe.

Main clients are Rafael, Elbit, IMI, IWI, Springfield armory, Sig Sauer, Tanfoglio, Strauss diamonds, CZ-Ceska Zbrojovka, Combined Systems, Silver Shadow and more.

The company’s aims can be summarize as promoting top technologies availabilities for the benefit of its clients, especially by using innovative molds and manufacturing technics, both efficient and cost effective.

Using our professional and well-experienced team, we can carry out any complexed mission, whether classified or public.

The main benefits we can contribute any client we serve are – Metal replacement parts using tough and rigid polymeric materials.

A To Z processes starting with design, mold optimization, mold design and impeccable part manufacturing.

Polymer parts and accessories for complicated engineering applications.

The company carry full IS0 9001-2015 quality standard.


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