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Ultraplast Technologies is a company with more than 70 years of experience in plastic injection. We provide our customers with comprehensive solution with a fully dedicated personalized service throughout all project stages – development, design, planning, and mold manufacturing, product manufacturing, and quality reports. We start with the conceptual stage, through mold development, to the result of the finished product.

We specialize in sophisticated plastic component manufacturing for various industries. We implement unique solutions for both functional and technical issues. We have vast experience in the security industry sector – weapons, airborne parts, products of intensive durability performance . We possess an array of advanced and sophisticated technological machines and equipment that enable precise, intelligent, elegant but challenging manufacturing.

Using our professional expertise, we cater to the individual needs of each customer. Our aspiration is to meet every challenge so that each customer receives the desired and required product –

As always we follow the proverb –  your success is our success.

Company Objectives:

  • Elevating our customers to the forefront of innovative technologies.

  • Selecting innovative and effective materials for our products.

  • Achieving optimal efficiency and economy.

  • Continuous progress and improvement for our customers.”

Injection molding

Design, Development & Engineering

Mold production

Quality Assurance


Plastic Injection

Mold Manufacturing

In our company, the customer receives a complete solution for all their needs, starting from design, development, and mold planning to the final product. We possess technological tools and an experienced professional team that allows precise mold manufacturing according to customer demands. One of our advantages over other companies in the field is that, in addition to manufacturing the parts, we offer on-site mold manufacturing under one roof. This service provides customers with confidence, knowledge, understanding, and peace of mind.

Engineering Design and Development

When our customers come to us with an idea for a new product or an improvement to an existing one, we immediately embrace the challenge and work hand in hand with the customer from the idea stage to the final product’s acceptance. With the knowledge and professional experience we have gained over the years, we are fully engaged in every step of mold and product planning, taking an active part in designing, data, materials, and offering ideal solutions for the product based on the customer’s requirements.

Quality Assurance


MAOZ drone for Rafael

A small loitering weapon. Development of difficult and challenging tools and molds to achieve a rigid and resistant structure in flight up to 100 km / h. Selection of ultra-lightweight composite materials, manufacturing large and curved part of 0.8 mm wall thicknesses.

Helmet bridge for the F-35 pilot

Polymer innovative hand cuffs

The handcuff is the only one in the world that meets the American NIJ standard for tensile and spiral tests. No metal handcuff has reached this level.

It is also invisible to magnetometers and MRI, and therefore allows the free walking of a person thru gates without removing the handcuff. The cuffs may contains unique detection and tracking means. The cuffs are lightweight, does not freeze or heat in extreme climatic conditions, don’t rust, and many other advantages for both the user and the cuffed person.

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-P-IX+ Modular AR Platform for Glock Pistols





Articles about us

Articles about us